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November 2022,  I launched the first ever “Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last, They Rot in Middle Management 60-Day Full Achiever Challenge.”

In this eight-week challenge I worked with twelve men to help them achieve a personal and seemingly impossible goal.

Both the process and the results of the Full Achiever 60-day Challenge blew me away. Men set goals of creating a music album, launching a new business, approaching beautiful women every day, doing a free-dive, training and fighting a muay thai fight to the finish, and so much more. 

Not only did these men experience the joy – and the fear – of stepping way outside their comfort zones, but they also experienced successes they only had previously dreamed of.

And they developed tribe.

It was empowering for each man to find out he wasn’t alone in his fears and self-limiting beliefs. These men supported and challenged each other. They shared successes and failures. And maybe the most amazing thing was that months after the official challenge ended, they are still actively communicating with each other and supporting each other daily. They took this up on their own!

The overwhelming success of the Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last Full Achiever Challenge inspired me to launch a similar 60-day challenge for my all-time most popular course – Positive Emotional Tension or PET.


Here’s the deal – the concept of PET is relatively simple – women have to experience emotional tension with a man to feel attraction, sexual desire, and stay attached to him over time.

There are only two fundamental problems with this feminine reality. First, in general, we men tend to hate emotional tension – especially in our relationships – we do everything we can to prevent it and suppress it. 

And second, because the concept of women needing emotional tension for attraction, arousal, and attachment is so foreign to the majority of men, most guys have a hard time grasping – and more importantly – applying – the concept of PET to the way they live their lives and the way they interact with women.

Countless men have written to me after completing my P.E.T. course to tell me that the material has changed their life and made them question what planet they are now living on after a lifetime of striking out with women.

But, the other side of the coin is that a lot of men never get around to applying the information, or treat it as a rote technique to manipulate women. Some men even ask for a refund on the course because the concept is just too overwhelming for them to grasp and apply.

I get it. When it comes to a subject like this, some of us simply need good information and a push in the right direction. But many of us need some serious hand holding and a shitload of examples and assignments to help clarify the concept and apply it.

Wherever you fall in this continuum, I’d like to invite you to join me in a special eight-week intensive to help you take your PET skills to the next level and discover what it means to magnetically polarize and attract all things feminine.


That’s right. I’m inviting you to participate in the first-ever Positive Emotional Tension 60-day Mastery Challenge.

If you want to attract, turn on, and keep the best women – if you want to revitalize a sagging relationship – If you want to attract adventure, opportunity, and all the abundance of a kick-ass life – the PET 60-Day Mastery Challenge will give you the tools to do all of these things and more.

Now honestly, none of this can happen without your commitment to consistently challenging yourself to get out of your comfort zone and apply the principles and practices of P.E.T.

But with the PET Mastery Challenge, you don’t have to do it alone.

You can be one of twenty-four committed men who take their PET skills to the next level, along with me and a group of hand-chosen coaches.

For sixty days, starting February 9th, 2023, a select group of twenty-four men are going to kick some serious PET ass.

We will meet as a group in a live – one-hour Zoom call every week for eight-weeks. I will lead these calls and we will dive deep into the content of each lesson of my on-demand video course, Positive Emotional Tension.

On these PET Mastery calls I will also lead you in practices to help you integrate the principles of PET into your nervous system and embody them in the ways you interact with women and the world. I will give you assignments to help you become a true PET master.  And I will be there to answer all your questions so you completely understand every aspect of P.E.T.

PET represents one of the most powerful male initiations I can think of and the PET Mastery Challenge will give you a tribe of men, all the tools you need to succeed, and round-the-clock coaching and support along the way.

The weekly PET Mastery calls will be recorded for participants to keep forever. These eight-hours of recorded calls will be an absolute goldmine.

As part of the 60-day PET Mastery Challenge, each participant will create and announce a personal P.E.T. mastery goal – something that scares the shit out of them – but to which they are committed to achieving

To help you  have the greatest chance of achieving your PET Mastery goal, you will also be a part of a small “Wingman” group – with up to six participants – that will meet for an hour each week over a Zoom call. 

Each Wingman group will each be led by one of my No More Mr. Nice Guy Certified Coaches. The Wingman groups will give you a place to hone your PET Mastery Goal and mastermind strategies for achieving it. Along with the rest of the men in your Wingman group, you will share your struggles and successes. You will become aware of and challenge your self-limiting beliefs. You will receive support and accountability.


We’re gonna go deep into the art and science of female attraction and desire and turn you into a PET Master.


The PET Mastery Challenge and the eight weekly PET Mastery zoom calls with me will begin Thursday, February 9th and will continue for eight consecutive Thursdays. They will go one hour from 1:00 – 2:00 PM Eastern time

It is a challenge to find a time for these weekly calls that will give people world-wide access, I get that. But the calls will be recorded, and PET Mastery participants can submit questions in advance, even if they cannot attend every call. And hey, maybe getting up at 3:00 AM for the calls if you live in, let’s say, Melbourne, Australia is the ultimate commitment.

The Wingman Group calls will be offered at different days and times of day to make access possible for every person – no one will have to get up at 3:00 AM to attend their Wingman Group calls. You will get your choice of day and time for your Wingman group, but once you join a group – that’s your group. No bouncing around. 

Wingman Group #1: Day and Time TBA

Wingman Group #2: Day and Time TBA

Wingman Group #3: Day and Time TBA

Wingman Group #4: Day and Time TBA

Participation in the Sixty-Day PET Mastery Challenge is by application. Only 24 men who are committed to going deep and doing whatever it takes to master the principles and practices of Positive Emotional Tension will be accepted. 

Okay, cost. 

I charged $1,000 USD for the Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last, They Rot in Middle Management 60-Day Full Achiever Challenge. It sold out. And already, several of these same men have registered for the PET Mastery Challenge. They must have believed they got their money’s worth and more.

So I’m charging the same for the PET Mastery Challenge – One Grand.

I know this is a chunk of change, but I’m sure you will not find anything else out there like this for only a thousand dollars.

But. . . . 

If you register for the PET Mastery Challenge by Midnight EST, Thursday, 26 January (two weeks before the first Mastery call on 9 February), you can register for HALF PRICE.

If you act now – before the program sells out – you can register for the ridiculous price of only $500 USD. 

So, if this is exactly what you’ve been looking for – if you are ready to magnetically attract all things feminine and wake up every day wondering what planet you have landed on – register now!

Just click the button below, send me an email, and tell me why you want in.

Don’t do it if you’re not ready to make the commitment. I want this to be a “Hell Yes” for you. If it’s not, it’s a “Hell No.”

I will close registration at 24 participants. No exceptions.

If you’re in, push the button below, send me an email, and tell me why you need the sixty-day PET Mastery Challenge.

If I accept your application, I’ll send you a registration link to make payment and your spot will be reserved. 

Drop me a line if you have any questions, but don’t wait. I will close registration at 24 participants.

I hope you can join me.

Just click the button below to submit your registration request.

Change the way you relate to women – forever!

Dr. Robert Glover

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